Electric Wax Knife

Electric wax knife for wax modeling e.WAX HiTech WK-10

This compact device is designed to model a high-quality product. This device uses the latest technology, taking into account economic and environmental aspects.

The main element of this device is an ergonomic, miniature soldering iron. Easily changing attachments allow the use of various modeling techniques. Heating takes from 20 to 30 seconds due to the use of a powerful 7.5 W heating coil.

Smooth temperature control, integral heater design, protection from dangerous electric currents and long service life are a prerequisite for this new development. This device has a rounded shape and attractive design and requires little space.


  • Operating voltage: 230V ~ 50 Hz
  • Output voltage: 12V ~
  • Power: 10W
  • Temperature range: 50 - 350°С


  • Electric wax knife e.WAX HiTech WK-10
  • Holder
  • 4 modeling tips, integrated heater, 2 mm hole
  • User manual